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Peek inside our special offers, which are made only for You and Your loved ones

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We travel much and we must say that this was one of the best private accommodations we stayed in. Room was comfortable and very clean. We had relaxing massage and enjoyed the Sauna. Meals were delicious, well served with fresh ingredients.

Laurette, Paris, France
Treat Yourself with..

Wellness for Your body & soul

Discover the most beautiful path to new balance and harmony with our special Spa offer. With our special approach, wonderful peace and quiet and tangible proximity of nature you will regain strength and vitality.

Your reservation already includes:

  • Finnish sauna treatment
  • Maxxus Spa hot tub with 55 jets, various jet options, and enhanced water and lighting features for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience

Available on request, for an extra fee:

  • Exclusive oil massage 


All information, massage prices and reservations are available on request:

Travel stress free

Shuttle service

We have shuttle service available so you can enjoy in your vacation without unnecessary problems and worries with trip planning. We can arrange to pick you up from any location in Croatia, take you to our Villa and, if you so desire, drive you to the following destination. Forget about public transport, unwanted traffic jams, delays in transport and other complications. Relax and enjoy your vacation, we will do the rest.




Plitvice - Zagreb    1.300 kn (175 €)

Plitvice - Split    2.100 kn (280 €)

Plitvice - Šibenik    1.800 kn (240 €)

Plitvice - Zadar    1.300 kn (175 €)

Plitvice - Split - Dubrovnik**   3.900 kn (520 €) 

Plitvice - Dubrovnik    3.400 kn (460 €)

Plitvice - Dubrovnik - Kotor - Budva**    3.900 kn (520 €) 

Zagreb - Plitvice - Split - Dubrovnik**   4.400 kn (600 €)

Krk - Plitvice    1.800 kn (240 €)

Plitvice - Ljubljana    2.300 kn (310 €)

Plitvice - Zagreb - Ljubljana    2.300 kn (310 €)

Plitvice - Pula    2.300 kn (310 €)

**includes 1 overnight stay, every extra is 300 kn (40 €)


Same price are vice versa (npr. Zagreb - Plitvice)
Prices for other destinations are available on request. 
Waiting 1 hour is 100kn (15 €) 


If you are interested, you can contact us directly: / mobile: 099/7877-479